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Marketing Uranium

Denison has historically sold its uranium under a combination of long-term contracts and spot market sales. The long-term contracts had a variety of pricing mechanisms, including fixed prices, base prices adjusted by inflation indices and/or spot price or long-term contract reference prices. Time of delivery during a year under long-term contracts is at the discretion of the customer, so the Company's delivery obligations would vary markedly from quarter to quarter. Spot sales are priced at or near published industry spot prices.

In June 2012, Denison sold its principle uranium production source, the U.S. Mining Division. For the first six months of 2012, approximately 77% of Denison's total sales volume was sold under long-term contracts, with the remainder sold in the spot market. The long-term contracts were also sold with the U.S. Mining Division and as a result, the Company currently has no long-term contracts in place.  
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