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Uranium Industry

The Uranium Industry

As a result of the Fukushima Daichii nuclear incident that occurred in March 2011, nuclear reactor programs around the world were impacted in varying degrees including the shutdown of all 54 reactors in Japan, the planned phase out of nuclear power in Germany and the pause in nuclear plant construction in China to reassess plant and safety system designs. The nuclear industry is beginning to show signs of recovery however with the planned restart of a limited number of reactors in Japan expected in 2015, the resumption of the Chinese nuclear program, and the announcement of new build programs in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Nuclear power is one of the few options available to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions while providing or displacing other forms of base load power generation.

Uranium prices over the past year fell to levels not seen since 2005. Uranium producers responded to some degree to the downturn in uranium price with the shutdown, or scaling back, of production at numerous operations; but production was still greater than demand, as suppliers continued to produce and sell into higher-priced long term contracts.

Although uranium production is currently greater than demand, the long term growth projections for the nuclear industry combined with the depletion of uranium resources in operation today, means that new production sources must be brought on stream, and higher uranium prices are necessary to justify the construction of these facilities.